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    Eva Depuydt was born on the 25th of January, 1994 and raised between the meadows of a little village called Lichtervelde. She always had a great interest in music, so she went to the music school and took guitar lessons during her teenage years. After spending many hours in the lab, she majored in science and mathematics. Alongside her studies and musical education, she loved taking care of her numerous domestic animals.

    Eva loved being a student and she recently graduated with great honors as a biomedical scientist at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science of Ghent University. One week later, in July 2017, she joined the Global Stem cell Technology team as a scientist. There she gets the opportunity to perform a PhD.

    Last summer, she discovered her passion for South-America while hiking through the breath-taking nature of Peru and Bolivia. Besides losing her heart to traveling, she also lost it to her wonderful Jens. 
    “Think and wonder, wonder and think.”
    T. Suess