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    Degenerative joint disease (DJD) is an important cause of early retirement of leisure and sport horses. Different treatments exist to reduce inflammation and pain caused by DJD. GST focusses on the cause of DJD and therefore develops products increasing the cartilage metabolism.
    When the horse suffers from severe cartilage and bone degeneration, surgical procedures may be considered. However, all the therapies above aim to release the pain or to improve clinical recovery, but do not induce tissue regeneration in the affected joint.

    Regenerative medicine offers the potential to acquire durable recovery by enhancing tissue regeneration. On top of that, by using chondrogenically induced equine MSCs there is more cell adhesion and production of cartilage specific components (Collagen Type II and Glycosaminoglycans) which results in a chondroprotective effect

    • Phase I – Target Animal Safety Study (successfully completed)
    • Phase II – Proof of concept Study (successfully completed)
    • Phase III – Field Study (successfully completed)

    Chondrogenic induction of PB-MSCs: 180 cartilage explants with GST001
    Chondrogenic induction of PB-MSCs