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    An important number of sport and leisure horses is affected by tendon and ligament lesions during their carrier.
    The major component of tendons is Collagen Type I, during the tendon healing phases Collagen type III (which is less elastic than Collagen Type I) is produced to fill the lesion. This Collagen will partially be replaced by Collagen type I as the tendon continues to heal.

    However, a higher percentage of Collagen type III will remain in the tendon at the site of the lesion and this can lead to a drop of performance or even to re-injury. By using tenogenically induced MSCs, we aim to obtain a healed tendon structure that tends towards the original tendon structure (before the lesion occurred) and thus increase the tendon strength.

    • Phase I – Target Animal Safety Study (successfully completed)
    • Phase II – Proof of concept Study (successfully completed)
    • Phase III – Field Study (ongoing)

    Gene expression of GST002
    GST - gene expression