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    Marleen Middelaer was born in Ghent on the 3rd of August 1973. At high school she was severely interested in History. Because of her father’s influence as a high school teacher she started her studies at the HIPSOGO College in Ghent to become a teacher herself. She achieved her Bachelor degree and became a teacher in English – History and Economics. At the age of 22 she decided to do a career switch and started as a Sales Assistant at the well known Otis Elevator Company which she successfully fulfilled for more than 15 years.

    After moving to Evergem she started working at the Anacura group mainly for the “Anabiotec” company as the head of Logistics. In 2015 she joined the GST group as well and became Logistic Officer responsible for all incoming and outgoing supplies.

    She is currently living in Evergem together with her boyfriend and her two children, a girl and a boy named Lisa and Milan.
    “The amateurs discuss tactics: the professionals discuss logistics.”
    N. Bonaparte