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    Michael David was born in Sint-Niklaas on a sunny day in March 1988, the 19th to be more specific. He was raised in Sint-Pauwels, a quite beautiful little village. At an early age he was interested in medicines and in particular the leaflets in the package. And even now you better still lock your medicine cabinet when you invite him in your home, or he’ll throw away all the expired medicines. It can not be a coincidence that he graduated as a pharmaceutical assistant in high school. Afterwards, he graduated as a bachelor in pharmaceutical and biological laboratory technology at The Catholic College Sint-Lieven of Ghent. During his studies he was a passionate cyclist and until now he is still addicted to cycling and training for Granfondos.

    On a sunny day you can find him behind the barbecue with friends and family with especially his girlfriend and daughter. In 2012 he started working at Anacura as a lab technician and grew out to production manager at Global Stem cell Technology (GST) in 2017.
    “The secret ingredient of each successful production is patience and dedication.”
    M. David