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    “Look at the stars
    and not at your feet”
    S. Hawking


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    June 21 2018

    Current Veterinary Practices (CCVP)

    GST organizes the Conference on Current Veterinary Practices (CCVP) together with two other pharmaceutical companies Eickemeyer and Orthopaedics.

    The CCVP aims at bringing equine veterinarians together to discuss the latest insights in veterinary surgery, medical imaging, drug treatments and horse care. It is  an interactive and practical forum in which equine veterinarians can debate emerging new clinical insights as well as practical experiences with participants and presenters in different areas of expertise.

    We already organized 6 conferences in Belgium and the Nederlands and the 7th CCVP will be held on October 5th 2018.

    For more information on the CCVP, to download the proceedings of previous conferences or to register for the next conference please visit www.ccvp.eu.


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    21 juni 2018

    CrossRoads2 project Artitera

    Osteoarthritis is a common, painful and progressive disease, which severely compromises the quality of life of both horses and humans.

    16 mei 2018

    Gentse paardengenezer haalt 5 miljoen euro op

    Een Gentse ex-topruiter heeft een stamceltherapie ontwikkeld om artrose bij paarden te genezen.